Monday, January 30, 2012

Jalie Fleece Jacket - arm embroidery

Jalie Fleece Jacket - arm embroidery
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For Christmas I made my sister and my niece Jalie #2795 Jackets. I made a muslin for me first - to see how well the pattern fit, etc.

The pattern is awesome. I used an old blanket as the main fabric (The gray fabric was a blanket I received  years ago when I worked at a large pharma company. Milk Street Cafe would give the admins 'points' for ordering food through them for meetings. Once you earned a certain number of points you could redeem them for products.) and a remnant from JoAnn's for the 'pop' of color. It had a lot of pieces but the directions were super simple to follow and it really sewed up in a flash.

Front of Jacket and a dog to boot. She likes to have her photo taken.
Back of Jacket.

My sister's jacket. She's a Jets fan. NOTE - Jets fabric is not easily found in New England. Had to order it online.
Jacket for my niece.

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