Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sewing With a Purpose (SWAP)

Shirt #2

One of my goals in 2010 is to sew with a purpose. One of my husband's goals if for me to sew with the supplies I have on hand in the house (including fabric and thread).

I really want to sew more clothing items. Even if they appear a tad homesewn. I doubt I'll ever run into Michael Kors so I'll take my chances at having mistakes in my wardrobe.

I have sewn two more t-shirts from The Perfect T-Shirt pattern. The yellow one was done earlier this week and the blue one I finished up this morning.

Shirt #3

I did the FBA for the blue one and must say, I think the shirt does lay a little better now. Creating the dart was easy following the video on the Perfect T-Shirt DVD (Pamela also has written directions on her website).

Up next - I promised my girls each some jammies. One daughter wants a dress out of fleece - so she can wear it outside and not be cold. I do plan on making some sundresses since we are going on a cruise in February and I am an optimist and expect that we will need warm weather clothes on the cruise. I am going to place a call into Mother Nature (oh - maybe she is on tweeter!) and let her know the dates so she can be sure we get nothing but sun and good weather.

Posing for the camera girl. She thought my other pose was boring.

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