Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beach Therapy

I love where I live. I grew up in New Jersey and going 'down the shore' was always an ordeal. There was always traffic. Expensive parking on peoples lawns (yup, they will let you park there all day - if you pay them). Etc.

Living on the North Shore of Massachusetts has given me a new appreciation for the beach. We are 20 - 30 minutes from countless beaches. I love them all. They all offer different habitats for my kids to explore. And, after breathing in the salt air, frolicking in the barely tolerable water, and digging in the sand food tastes better and kids sleep better.

Today we found a moon snail.


And, as we were leaving, we passed this woman who was playing her violin on the beach.

Hope y'all are enjoying some fabulous weather and perhaps some beach therapy yourselves...


mysteryhistorymom said...

You lucky duck! I want to move near you for Beach Days! Love the idea of playing the violin by the ocean. Dreamy... Miss you, Sweets! Looks like all is going well at your home.:) Lori

Sherry said...

It's beautiful there!! Someday I'm going to be on a beach and see a real ocean......someday, but for now I'll just enjoy your pictures.


Amy said...

I grew up 30 minutes from the beach....Now there's no beach in sight! Looks so fun!


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