Sunday, November 11, 2007

Be American, Buy American

Those words are painted on the roof of a barn as you enter my town. After this most recent toy recall I really wondered - are there toys made in the USA? I found, through mostly internet searches, that yes, there are toys made in the USA and my children actually own some (yeah!). And, while these toys will cost me more money than shopping in a large discount store I can rest assured knowing they will not cause my child to go into a coma or lower their I.Q.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company
I actually have been here. It's a great trip if you are on vacation. Can pair it up with a Museum visit. The tour of the factory is cute - you see the heart that is put into each bear. And, most importantly, everything is made in Vermont AND guaranteed for life. You little one loves their bear a little too much and a limb separates? No problem. The bear can be repaired at the Bear Hospital and will be sent back to you as good as new.

Zome is a building toy. Think magnetix only there is nothing magnetized in this. So, what makes this better than the magnetized toy you may already own? Because there are no magnets involved Zome is lighter allowing users to build larger shapes. Budding (as well as full-grown) scientists, mathematicians, architects, etc. will love this! Made in PA.

Maple Landmark Woodcraft
Another Vermont company, Maple Landmark Woodcraft, makes something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. From the train enthusiast to a puzzle lover, from maple ornaments to chatterboxes. This company has it all.

Roy Toy
Real wood building sets (think Lincoln Logs) made in Maine.

ento Products
Wisconsin made products (books, nature houses, birdhouse kits, critter nets, etc.) to help adults & children learn about nature.

Wisconsin made products (jump ropes, lacing cards, activity kits) that are fun & educational gifts for children.

Fairy Finery
Not just fairy items are made in Minnesota. There are outfits for knights, kings, fairies as well as accessories - a troll treasure box, dragon tears, a dragon sneeze (ummmm...don't ask or you won't want to touch it) wands, fairy dust, and a lead-free pewter fairy tea set. So cool.

Handmade Toys from Maine
This is the internet shop of the Different Drummer store. The name says it all - all toys are handmade in Maine and are toxin free.

North Star Toys
Wooden toys made in New Mexico by a green company - 100% of the electricity for their shop comes from solar or wind energy. Wood scraps are donated to schools or used for kindling. They use food grade mineral oil to finish their products. To learn more visit their website.

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