Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nine Years Before the Mast

Today is my wedding anniversary. In honor of being married to my wonderful husband for nine years I finished a UFO. It is a quilt I started for him over a year ago. Some things I learned whilst making this quilt:

(1) Once you put interfacing on the t-shirt fabric it stops feeling like fabric.

(2) If you are going to back your quilt with flannel you probably don't need to use batting.

(3) If you are silly enough to use t-shirts (with interfacing), batting, and flannel material for the backing don't try to do any fancy quilting. The quilt will be way too heavy and the thread will break and you will curse worse than any sailor you have ever known (or not known). You will then be so annoyed / disgusted with your project that you will leave it on the floor and walk all over it and allow the children to play on it and use it - even though it isn't quite finished yet, because you haven't sewn the binding on yet.

Yes, my children have used this quilt already. Upstairs, downstairs, really, wherever they could drag it. So, I guess it isn't that bad. It just isn't as pretty (the quilting part I mean) as I would like.

Happy nine years before the mast for me and my hubby. Perhaps if I start on a pair of pants for him now they will be done before his birthday in May, or perhaps they will become a Christmas gift. It all depends on whether the pattern directions leave me cursing like a sailor.


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